Maybe: Thailand Part 2

Khao Sok National Park, Thailand Warm, tropical air greeted us in Phuket. I was so happy to lose the chill of Chiang Mai. We had about an hour before our tour group was to take us for our three day jungle safari in Khao Sok National Park. I popped in the airport's medical clinic to … Continue reading Maybe: Thailand Part 2

Oh My Buddha: Thailand Part 1

Chiang Mai, Thailand Day 1, 93 degrees I knew a cold front was going to cool temperatures down in the next couple days, so we started our vacation with a dip in the hotel pool. As described Yaang Come Village was quite the oasis, nestled just outside the old city but resembling a tropical jungle … Continue reading Oh My Buddha: Thailand Part 1

Let the Good Times Roll

Having a toddler in Japan definitely has its moments. Two days before New Years (Japan's biggest holiday), I found myself crouched on the floor of a very crowded grocery store cupping Will's vomit in my hands. I don't know what instinctual thing changes when you become a mother that your natural reaction to vomit becomes … Continue reading Let the Good Times Roll