Milking Furano

Daisetsuzan Part 2 We woke up Saturday morning to rain. We were originally planning to stop and hike at Mount Asahidake on our way to Furano, but decided to postpone until Tuesday's return to the airport. We stopped briefly at the Otokoyama Sake Museum in Asahikawa. Unfortunately, the pourer didn’t speak English nor did a … Continue reading Milking Furano

Playground of the Gods

Sounkyo Gorge, Japan Daisetsuzan Part 1 Hokkaido is Japan's northernmost island and the least densely populated. Known for its natural beauty and national parks, Hokkaido has been at the top of our Japan bucket list since we arrived. Settling on an a specific destination on this large island was difficult, but we finally decided on … Continue reading Playground of the Gods

In Hot Water

Kawazu, Japan The last month has been challenging. All my spring allergy symptoms culminated in a diagnosis of pneumonia a few weeks ago. I spent a week almost entirely in bed. Thankfully Will's school allowed him to attend extra days and kept him late. This was especially helpful as Mike was out of town for … Continue reading In Hot Water