IMG_6832.JPGMy husband, young son and I are currently living in Zushi, Japan. On my first trip to Tokyo I saw a sign reading Sushi Ninja Toilet I had just started this blog and had yet to decide on a title. I thought this may be a temporary title, but it’s stuck. The more I thought about it, perhaps it does encompass a lot of topics here: food, culture, the unusual, my Ninja child, and the practical.

This blog is primarily written as a record for my son and to update family and friends on our adventures. However, I also try to make it useful for those living in and traveling to Japan and in Asia. We have also visited Indonesia, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. I am very passionate about my host country and helping those enjoy it. I am also a big advocate of traveling with small children as you only live once and children are great ambassadors. On a practical note, I have tried to provide the best links with information at the time of writing. I have also included Google map pins when something is difficult to find on the map or if Google maps led us astray. Also clicking on the photos often provides additional location or helpful information.