Running for Trains

The day after Amanda left, I organized the house into items going on the slow boat to America and the small amount of stuff we can express ship and pack in our suitcases. It was a pain deciding and organizing as well as labeling things so Japanese movers could clearly understand. However, I felt ready … Continue reading Running for Trains

Mama Bear’s Insomnia

I have not been sleeping well. I once read that your mind is like a bad neighborhood, you have no business wandering around it at 3 am. I am normally not one that suffers from anxiety, but recently I have and it's affecting my sleep. The first week in April, Mike was away for a … Continue reading Mama Bear’s Insomnia

From Snow to Sakura

I love that the first day of spring is an official holiday in Japan, I did not love that this year it snowed. Plans cancelled for the day, we watched enough snow to render leaving the house dangerous but not enough to play in. By Friday, temperatures had warmed and Saturday’s forecast looked great. I … Continue reading From Snow to Sakura