One definition of the word doki in Japanese is “time of”. It is also part of my favorite Japanese phrase toki doki which mean "sometimes". On a very regular basis, someone will remark that Will is kawaii (cute). My now almost standard response is "toki doki". It always gets a laugh and is the only joke … Continue reading Doki

The World Is Your Playground

I am really proud of all the travel we have accomplished in the last three years, but we wanted to squeeze in one more trip. Friends rave about Taipei, Taiwan as an easy, fun and inexpensive destination. We took a short three and a half hour flight from Haneda to Songshan, Taipei Taiwan’s smaller downtown … Continue reading The World Is Your Playground

Surprises and Smiles in Siem Reap

Vietnam and Cambodia Trip Part Three: Siem Reap We arrived in Siem Reap a little after six pm. I was glad we'd opted for e-visas in advance as Cambodian immigration took awhile. They let Will and I cut the line, but made Mike wait which was pretty pointless other than getting Will out of the … Continue reading Surprises and Smiles in Siem Reap

Bravo Mother Earth

Vietnam and Cambodia Trip Part Two: Cat Ba Island in Ha Long Bay For millions of years the rising and falling of the sea formed over 1600 islands and limestone towers in Northern Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. The scope of the karst topography is somewhat possible to see by looking at Google satellite images. The resulting scenery … Continue reading Bravo Mother Earth

Happiness and Luck

Vietnam and Cambodia Trip Part One: Hoi An Vietnam has been high on my travel list ever since I lived with several Australians in Tanzania who all raved about it. I’d initially planned this trip for last year but it got swapped for Beijing and Seoul when we thought Mike had to spend last March … Continue reading Happiness and Luck

Another 99 Hours in Japan

Last December, Bree and Liam came to visit, squeezing in a quick trip before Christmas. They enjoyed their time enough to return again this year for another 99 hours in Japan. Arriving late Sunday afternoon, Bree and Liam crashed not long after getting to our house. Waking early on Monday, we decided to drive to … Continue reading Another 99 Hours in Japan