Bravo Mother Earth

Vietnam and Cambodia Trip Part Two: Cat Ba Island in Ha Long Bay For millions of years the rising and falling of the sea formed over 1600 islands and limestone towers in Northern Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. The scope of the karst topography is somewhat possible to see by looking at Google satellite images. The resulting scenery … Continue reading Bravo Mother Earth

Happiness and Luck

Vietnam and Cambodia Trip Part One: Hoi An Vietnam has been high on my travel list ever since I lived with several Australians in Tanzania who all raved about it. I’d initially planned this trip for last year but it got swapped for Beijing and Seoul when we thought Mike had to spend last March … Continue reading Happiness and Luck

If You Can’t Take the Heat

Today was one of those days that felt like we were on vacation even though we weren’t. It was very hot and humid so Will and I went to our current favorite beach, Isshiki Kaigan. We swam for hours and had lunch at Blue Moon Beach Hut before it closes tomorrow for the season. It … Continue reading If You Can’t Take the Heat

Japanniversary #2

The day before our Japanniversary, Will woke up crying. His eyelids were glued together with green goop and dried crud was stuck to his cheeks. It was our first bout with pinkeye. I also woke up to the news that Trump had pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement--another day being embarrassed as an American … Continue reading Japanniversary #2

Thriving during Golden Week

April 29 – May 7, 2017 Golden Week is a series of Japanese holidays that occur close together from the end of April through the beginning of May. Many people take off an additional day or two so they have an entire week of vacation. In our orientation to Japan, we were warned this holiday … Continue reading Thriving during Golden Week

Summer Fun

I feel like this rainy season has lasted longer this year and been more unpredictable. It's often made it more difficult planning what to do when I'm not sure about the weather. One day the forecast claimed that the rain would stop at 1 o'clock. Will and I headed up to Kawasaki for a wind chime … Continue reading Summer Fun

Highs and Lows

I spent the beginning of this week down, really down. Part homesickness I suppose. However, I've also been experiencing anxiety and insecurity the likes I haven't known since high school. "Living in Japan is hard," my friend Lindsey pointed out to me. And she should know; she's lived here before. I hate being illiterate. I … Continue reading Highs and Lows