One definition of the word doki in Japanese is “time of”. It is also part of my favorite Japanese phrase toki doki which mean "sometimes". On a very regular basis, someone will remark that Will is kawaii (cute). My now almost standard response is "toki doki". It always gets a laugh and is the only joke … Continue reading Doki

Japanniversary #2

The day before our Japanniversary, Will woke up crying. His eyelids were glued together with green goop and dried crud was stuck to his cheeks. It was our first bout with pinkeye. I also woke up to the news that Trump had pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement--another day being embarrassed as an American … Continue reading Japanniversary #2

Butterflies, Rainbows, Stars and a Heart Shaped Cave

Izu Peninsula Big Sur, California is thus far my favorite place on earth. There were moments when driving down the East Coast of the Izu Peninsula that I was reminded of the Central California coast. It was an absolutely lovely day and the beautiful views were getting me more and more excited about our Labor … Continue reading Butterflies, Rainbows, Stars and a Heart Shaped Cave

In Hot Water

Kawazu, Japan The last month has been challenging. All my spring allergy symptoms culminated in a diagnosis of pneumonia a few weeks ago. I spent a week almost entirely in bed. Thankfully Will's school allowed him to attend extra days and kept him late. This was especially helpful as Mike was out of town for … Continue reading In Hot Water