Ikimasho: Travel with Little Ones

Vanessa, Jaxon and Isaac's Visit Part 2 Vanessa and I met in Maryland when Will and Jaxon were 18 months old. We hit it off immediately and became adventure buddies taking the boys on weekly outings exploring Maryland, DC, and Virginia. Not many people would journey halfway around the world with a four year old … Continue reading Ikimasho: Travel with Little Ones

Japanniversary #2

The day before our Japanniversary, Will woke up crying. His eyelids were glued together with green goop and dried crud was stuck to his cheeks. It was our first bout with pinkeye. I also woke up to the news that Trump had pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement--another day being embarrassed as an American … Continue reading Japanniversary #2

99 Hours in Japan

MONDAY I'd been saving the Hakone Round Course tour (a day long circuit of scenic Hakone mountain utilizing rail, cable cars, ropeway, a boat, and buses) until we had visitors. When Breeann and Liam asked if they could visit us for a few days before Christmas, I knew I wanted to add this to the … Continue reading 99 Hours in Japan

Tokyo is Yours

Our very first visit to Tokyo, Will and his friend Phillip played on a playground tagged with the phrase, "Tokyo is Yours". I passed this again when sight-seeing with my good friend, Danny, last week and the slogan has been on my mind ever since… Two weeks, Mike got word early Sunday evening that he had … Continue reading Tokyo is Yours

Just a Saturday

Kamakura, Japan Today was one of those days that we felt lazy, but knew we should take advantage of the beautiful weather. We decided to go hiking and quickly selected one from a short list of hikes in Kamakura. The description basically listed the hike as being mostly along a ridge between the Kencho-ji and … Continue reading Just a Saturday

Our 6th Month Anniversary

  We've been in Japan six months today. At times, I feel like we have barely scratched the service with exploring but the reality is we are getting out and seeing a lot. For example, we took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday by doing day trips to Mt Takao, Yokohama and Tokyo. Although we missed … Continue reading Our 6th Month Anniversary