Free to Play

  As I have mentioned several times, I love that Japan is so kid-friendly. It boasts so many wonderful parks. Here are some we especially love. Last month we discovered what may be my favorite park ever. Haru-no-Ogawa, or affectionately known as the Mud Park. It's a small park across the street from the massive … Continue reading Free to Play

The Last Resort

Yokosuka, Japan Before the end of World War II, Yokosuka Naval Base (where Mike is stationed) was home to the Imperial Japanese Navy. During the war, the Japanese navy's commands were ordered to dig underground tunnels for air raid shelters. As the intensity of the air raids increased, they began to move more operations underground … Continue reading The Last Resort

Highs and Lows

I spent the beginning of this week down, really down. Part homesickness I suppose. However, I've also been experiencing anxiety and insecurity the likes I haven't known since high school. "Living in Japan is hard," my friend Lindsey pointed out to me. And she should know; she's lived here before. I hate being illiterate. I … Continue reading Highs and Lows

First Favorites

Mt Nokogiri Yesterday Will and I went on a tour through the base to Mt Nokogiri. I'm not usually the biggest fan of organized tours, but after weeks of making big decisions and navigating new terrain it was a wonderful to just show up and let someone else be in charge. The most difficult part … Continue reading First Favorites